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Terms and Conditions


Our 100% “No Worries” Guarantee. Read Before Placing Your Order.

We guarantee our work 100%. This means that if we fail to produce an order according to your specifications, at our expense, we will replace, rework, or partial refund your money. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction.
Please note that we do NOT accept returns for items produced and shipped that meet the specifications provided to us by you, the customer. We manufacture and ship custom products, according to your specifications. Each order is unique. This means we have no way of reselling any items made to YOUR custom specifications to other customers.


  1. Customers are responsible for providing all information needed to accurately make the cushions ordered. We are NOT responsible for cushions that are made correctly with incorrect information provided by you. Customers must be 100 percent certain that the dimensions provided are accurate.
  2. If you wish to order something that you do not see an option for on our website, please call and let us know. You may need to send us a template to produce your order correctly. We need to be alerted to any special specifications before we produce the order. Please note that we are NOT responsible for templates or old cushion shells sent to us for use as custom cushion patterns. These templates and shells will not be returned to the customer, unless you specifically ask.
  3. Please order fabric samples before placing your order. Colors appear differently on the computer than they do in real life. We ARE NOT responsible for items that you (the customer) does not like because the fabric color or texture does not match the color on the computer or does not match the fabrics at your location, etc.
  4. You must be sure that you have selected the correct options (fabric color, welting, box edge, knife edge, etc). We are NOT responsible for cushions the customer does not like due to the standard placement of fabric ties, seams and/or zippers.
  5. Dimensions are measured from one edge to the opposite edge and not the measurement of any side banding. Side banding is entered separately.
  6. In the event of a return, we determine that the order is, in fact, correct based on the specifications you provided; you will be responsible for any costs associated to return the order to you, the customer.
  7. We are more than happy to address any of these issues in a courteous, and timely manner, and to correct our mistakes, to your complete satisfaction, but we expect the same courtesy from you, and willingness to acknowledge responsibility and assumption of the cost of correcting any mistakes on your part.
  8. The merchandise in error will be picked up and returned (ground shipping) at our expense. If the product is needed by a certain date we will expedite our work, but can not pay express shipping charges for the shipment.
  9. In event an agreement cannot be reached after the rework has been done regarding a vague term such as “quality”or “appearance” we will refund up to 60% of the money paid for the item(s).
  10. Cancellations or changes to the order must be made within 1 business day of placing the order, by calling 877-374-5569. (Hours are 9am to 5pm est Monday –Friday)

OUR RESPONSIBILITY (cushionsxpress)

  1. We are responsible for the costs of correcting any mistakes that we make if we fail to correctly produce the order using the correct information provided by you, the customer, as long as:
    • You notified us within ten (15) working days of receiving the order.
    • You acknowledge that we reserve the right to rework any cushions to correct our mistakes.
    • You make the cushion(s) available for a pickup by a ground carrier that we schedule.
    • The items returned for rework will not have been used in any way and are returned in the same condition as when they were shipped.
  2. We are responsible for reworking or replacing cushions made with the incorrect fabric(s).
  3. We are responsible for reworking or replacing cushions when we produced the order to dimensions different than specified by the customer (tolerance to within 3/8" in any dimension).
  4. We are responsible for reworking or replacing cushions that are made in the wrong style, and not according to your selections, specifications, or instructions.

By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions and all applicable laws.

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